2023 Silk Road Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

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On the morning of August 10th, the "Silk Road Artistry: Flourishing Together 2023 Silk Road Art Exhibition," jointly organized by the Rule of Law Culture and Art Committee of the Chinese Behavioral Law Society and the Maldives Cultural Exchange Association, hosted by the Beijing Gudao Lanting Art Gallery, and co-organized by Beijing Gudao Lanting Culture and Art Co., Ltd., the Shaanxi Han and Tang Cultural Creative Research Institute, and Beijing Chang'an Jin Wufu Culture and Art Co., Ltd., was grandly inaugurated at the STELCO Building in the capital city of Maldives, Male.

Guests including Wang Qihui, Counsellor of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Maldives; Her Excellency Yumna Maumoon, Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage of the Republic of Maldives; Mohamed Rasheed, Ambassador and President of the China-Maldives Cultural Exchange Association, delivered speeches via video. Zhang Baoxin, Executive Director of the Chinese Behavioral Law Society and Director of the Rule of Law Culture and Art Committee of the Chinese Behavioral Law Society; Mei Yu, Head of the Silk Road Art Troupe and Chairman of Beijing Gudao Lanting Culture and Art Co., Ltd., and other distinguished guests attended the event.

This art exhibition is a response to President Xi's call, actively serving as an international platform for cultural promotion, dissemination, and exchange with countries along the "Belt and Road" initiative. Renowned domestic painters and calligraphers have come together in a foreign land to gather artistic inspiration, exchange viewpoints on painting and calligraphy, and discuss current issues, fully showcasing the new achievements and responsibilities of artists in the new era. They are collaborating to promote the outward prosperity and development of China's outstanding traditional culture. Painting and calligraphy art are important components of the socialist spiritual civilization construction. This art exhibition has enhanced exchanges and friendships between the Chinese people and people from various countries around the world, contributing to the creation of a shared future for humanity and a better world, and exerting an influential force.

As a co-organizer, our institute has maintained a friendly and cooperative relationship with the Maldives for many years. Our institute, in collaboration with the China-Maldives Cultural Exchange Association, has successfully organized multiple cultural exchange activities in the Republic of Maldives, facilitating mutual understanding and cultural exchange between the peoples of China and the Maldives. These activities have provided a professional platform for educational and training exchanges among young people from both countries, resulting in positive international cultural dissemination effects. While promoting cultural exchange and cooperation between the two nations, we are also continuously advancing mutually beneficial and practical cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, and investment, ushering in a new era of cooperation and mutual success.

Culture transcends time and space, while art crosses national boundaries. It is hoped that this painting and calligraphy exhibition can serve as an opportunity to actively guide artists through concrete actions, encouraging them to portray the new era, document its virtues, and contribute to its ethics. Through art, the excellent traditional culture of China can be passed down. Our institute will wholeheartedly support artists in engaging in cross-border artistic exchanges. By providing a window and platform for these exchanges, people from all walks of life can collaborate collectively. With the "Cultural Silk Road" as its core and painting as its medium, this initiative aims to tell captivating stories of building the "Silk Road," convey the sincere emotions of people from various countries, and vividly recount the wonderful results of civilization exchange and mutual learning. Together, we can effectively narrate the Chinese story. Efforts will be made to create a new model of high-level cultural diplomacy, contributing to the construction of a culturally strong nation and province, as well as the development of international cultural communication endeavors.

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