“The SCO Family in My Eyes” art exhibition.

I Themes 

Themed with “The SCO Family in My Eyes”, the artworks are supposed to embody the “Shanghai Spirit”, telling the fantastic SCO story from the perspective of civilization mutual learning, green development and scientific and technological innovation to embrace a better future of SCO.



The Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation Commission of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization 

Central Academy of Fine Arts

The SCO Secretariat


Shanghai Art Fair

Research Center of the Children’s Art Works CAFA

III Applicants 

Children aged between 5 to 16 years old from SCO countries

IV Time of Submission 

From now till June 1, 2024

V Requirements of the Artworks

a.The artworksmust be original design with a specific and relevant theme.b.Size requirement: no larger than 40cm*60cm, without framec.There is no limitation for the materials and style, e.g., colored pencil painting, gouache, watercolor, Chinese painting, oil painting, etc.The submitted artworks are supposed to be graphic artworks (except calligraphic works)d.The applicant’s name, nationalityandage, andthetitle,size,and styleof the artworksshould be noted on the lower right corner of the back side of the paintings.e.Each applicant is supposed to submit no more than two artworks.f.The national flag andemblem involved in the artworksshould meet the standard. Commercial elements should not be involved in the artworks.

Note: The copyright and ownership of the artworks are owned by hosts and the applicants own the right of authorship. Hosts also own the right of exhibition, tour exhibition, research, photography, video, publication and publicity. Any applicant who submitted the artworks shall be deemed to have confirmed to comply with the requirements of the exhibition.

VI Submission Guideline

a.E-copy Submission

Please send the application form(attached below) and picture of the artwork (the size should not be less than 2M) in the form of attachment to the Email: [email protected] with the subject of name + nationality +“The SCO Family in My Eyes” the SCO Countries Art Exhibition of Children and Young Artists no later than June 1, 2024. Please make sure there is no shadow on the picture of the artwork and the color is even. (The format should be JPG, the size no smaller than 2M and the resolution no lower than 300 dpi)

We also look forward to receiving your video or text of the process and story during your creation with the artwork in the Email. (The video should be no more than 5 minutes with the format of MP4. The text should not be more than 300 words)

b. OriginalArtworkSubmission

Applicants whose artworks are selected to be shown on the Exhibition(you will receive a notification) should mail the original artworks before September 1, 2024 to Organizing Committee (Address: Yunnan Shang He Culture and Sports Co. LTD, No. 6, 4th Floor, Green Lake South Road in Wuhua District, Kunming city, Yunnan Province; contact person: Han Zhaokun; phone number: +86 182 8842 3528). The Organizing Committee will cover the mail expense.  

VII Certificate Awarding

The electronic certificate and a notification of mailing the original artworks will be sent via email to the applicants who pass the primary selection before July 20, 2024 and the exhibition certificate will be awarded to the applicants who are enrolled in“The SCO Family in My Eyes” the SCO Countries Art Exhibition of Children and Young Artistsafter a secondary selection. 

VIII Contact of Organizing Committee

Contact person: Ms. Wang Yan; Phone number: +86 186 0212 3813; Email: [email protected]

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