Fostering Global Collaboration in Vocational Education: Unveiling Our 'Chinese + Vocational Skills' Training Center in the Maldives

On October 11, 2023, the unveiling ceremony of our school's "Chinese + Vocational Skills" Overseas Training Center was successfully held in Male’, the capital of the Maldives. Ms Hu Xiaohui, Deputy Dean of the school, former Maldives Ambassador to China and President of the China-Maldivian Cultural Association is Excellency Mohamed Rasheed (Mo Rui-deh), Vice President Mr. Ali Waheed Hassan and others participated in this event.

Ms. Hu Xiaohui first thanked the China-Maldivian Cultural Association for the invitation. She pointed out that China and Maldives have a profound friendship, and the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" overseas training center jointly built this time is an important manifestation of our school's "going global" strategy. , which is of great significance to serve the construction of “One Belt and One Road”. The school is confident and capable of building a "Chinese + Vocational Skills" overseas training center and contributing to the internationalization of vocational education and cultural exchanges.

Mr. Mohamed Rasheed pointed out that the establishment of the training center will further enhance the vocational education cooperation between Shanghai Science and Technology Vocational College and China-Maldivian Cultural Association, and in general with the Maldives. He hoped that both parties would give full importance to their respective advantages and make efforts to provide Chinese language and vocational skills training for South Asian youths.

Subsequently, the two parties exchanged views on potential directions for future cooperation, focusing on matters related to overseas college construction, Chinese language + vocational skills training, cultural exchanges between China and Maldives, exchanges of teachers and students, selection of international students, and training of local technical expertise and technical talents for local Chinese-state-owned enterprises working in the Maldives, and engage in communication and in-depth exploration of international cooperation models in vocational education.

Finally, Ms. Hu Xiaohui and her party conducted a comprehensive on-site inspection of Laamu Gan Island in the Maldives. President Mohamed Rasheed and the Executive Director of Laamu Gan Island Office gave a detailed introduction to the island as the construction location of our school’s overseas college, the teaching venues for Chinese + vocational skills training, the social environment and agricultural development in Laamu Gan Island in the southern part of the Maldives. It is the most developed island in Laamu Atoll and one of the largest natural island in the Maldives.

It is reported that the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" Overseas Training Center would be jointly established by Shanghai Vocational College of Science and Technology and the China-Maldivian Cultural Association. It is committed to promoting high-quality vocational education resources overseas and cultivating "language, technology, and cross-cultural" talents. Comprehensive young talents contribute wisdom to the educational development of countries along the “Belt and Road”.

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